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1 PONDO Review

Date of review : 09 August 2011
Asian Sex Review on 1Pondo

Niche : Asian Porn

Content Type : Videos

Video Format : High Definition AVI, DVD quality AVI, Divx AVI, ipod  MP4

Video Length : Full Length Movie

Member Prices : USD $65 per month

Payment Methods : Credit Card

Overall Rating : 9 out of 10

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1 PONDO is one of the largest Asian porn premium sites on the internet, supported by DreamRoom production Inc. with exclusive Japanese porn movies filmed under 1 PONDO brand. They are famous for its model, gravure idol, drama, and princess series featuring top class Japanese girls performing all kind of uncensored hardcore sex. Originated as a Japanese site for domestic market, 1 PONDO has made translation to English language for international users, however the team behind 1 PONDO done a poor job on the translation as there are numerous spelling and grammar mistakes on the sites, but in spite of that 1 PONDO is still a huge Asian porn site providing very high quality content.

Site Design - Rating 9 out of 10

1 PONDO has a very clean layout with white background and black font color, giving an overall pleasant feel while staying on site. Contents are presented with the famous 1 PONDO series, and also in its sex niche categories, and each movies features a large picture of the actress and some slogan which I think will gives member a premium feeling on its movie, this tactic will helps to enhance the image of the AV idol. Overall, the design of 1 PONDO is great, the only drawback is the use of Japanese character setting in their web coding resulting English characters to be displayed in a non-tidy manner, but it will not have big impact on reading.

1 PONDO big image of AV idol
Big pictures helps enchancing the image of the actress, as well as providing premium feel of the film

User Friendliness - Rating 7 out of 10

1 PONDO features a nice and easy to use navigation system, with the movie series navigation bar located on top of the page giving members a convenient way to browse to their favorite series. On top of that the full categories navigation panel located on the left side giving you an option to choose certain sex niches, all the contents are categorized based on the sex action such as blowjobs, orgy etc. Besides, the ordinary sex action niches, 1 PONDO also done a very good job on further categorize their content into different fetishes on girls such as tall girls, skinny girls, girls with big ass etc, and also into different costume categories, like the popular housemaid costume, teachers, and nurses.

1 PONDO films all their movies exclusively, and places them under their series, which are Model Series for movies acted by famous AV Idols, Gravure Idol Series for Asian sex featuring amateur babes and housewives, Drama Series for movies with short storyline, Princess Series for beautiful hot young actress. Other than this series, 1 PONDO also groups all their content with High Definition videos into a separate category name HiVision, Asian porn lovers with high speed internet access and big storage looking for Hi-Def porn movies will be pleased that all of their offering on their needs will be easily access with one click.

All movies have their respective AV idol picture shown on their listing page, with name displayed under each image. Click on the picture will bring you to the movie download page, while clicking on the name will lead you to a page listing all movies acted by the actress, if you are looking for a particular AV idol or term, you can use their search function located at the top left corner of the page. Page navigation bar is located at the bottom of the page, members can makes quick jump to the page they like, they can also makes instant jump to last page or back to first page with the shortcut button on the navigation bar.

On the movie download section, you will be presented with a high quality large image displaying the picture of the actress with some Japanese wording for a brief description of what is her specialty or the her role in the movie. Follow by the profile of the AV idol and the description of the movie, a series of preview screen images, and a preview images of photo gallery of the idols where clicking on it will open a screen showing the full size high quality photo. The movie download links are located below the page, members can choose to download High Definition AVI file, standard DVD quality AVI file, lower quality Divx AVI file, or smaller version MP4 file which is meant for ipod and mobile phone playback.

1 PONDO movie download links
Movie screen caps, high quality picture galleries preview, and easy to use movie download links

The team behind 1 PONDO must have been spending great effort to make the site as easy as possible for the members, with clear structure, detailed category listing, and simple page navigation system, any user should not have problem browsing and finding what they want on the site.

Despite the exceptional content quality and ease of use on the site, 1 PONDO does come with a drawback on its English wording. They must be lacking of talent on English language while working on translation from Japanese version of 1 PONDO, resulting numerous typo and grammar errors which simply should not happen on a quality site like 1 PONDO. I am no expert on English but I can easily point out some funny mistakes on the category listing such as com instead of cum, load in mouth becomes load in mouse, and skinny girls wrongly spelled as skinned girl. Most of the image buttons, such as the search function, still displayed as Japanese, which could lead to confusion to the members. The profiles of AV idols are mostly incomplete, and the descriptions of movies are not there, instead they just display a same paragraph introducing the features of 1 PONDO. The last thing I find it a bit annoying is the Japanese character setting on their coding, resulting weird character spacing and alignment but I think this is minor issue.

Other than the drawback mentioned above, I do not find other major issue while spending a week reviewing the site from user perspective, downloading speed is lightning fast, great exclusive content, beautiful actresses, high quality content, etc are still a major strong points for 1 PONDO.

Content Amount - Rating 10 out of 10

There are 1658 exclusive Asian porn videos on the database at the time of this review, new movies are released every week so by the time you visit the site, it will definitely grow bigger. Although it is not the largest offer available from the internet, but 1 PONDO makes their own filming so the quality is assured, you will not find their released movies available elsewhere, so I think the amount of content is considered great and they should deserve a full score from me.

Content Quality - Rating 10 out of 10

From technical point of view, 1 PONDO provides the highest quality movies in High Definition format with 1280x768 resolution and with bit rate up to 4000kbps, their quality ranked among the highest in the industries. I have downloaded a few of the movies and I am very satisfied and amazed with the crystal clear video images, and to be honest, watching Asian porn movie in High Resolution really makes a total difference experience especially when you are playing on a large HD LCD or plasma television, once you have try it you will not going back to normal quality porn movies.

1pondo high definition screen cap
Crystal clear high definition screen capture, click to enlarge.

Other than the technical aspect, the actresses acting on the movies are all top quality, from young teen school girls, professional AV idols, to amateur house wives, not only they have a gifted hot body and sweet face, they are also talented on doing all kind of hardcore sex, thumbs up for 1 PONDO on finding such high quality actresses working for them.

Overall - Rating 9 out of 10

With amazing high definition quality exclusive content and talented AV actresses, 1 PONDO providing the finest Asian porn for serious collectors, I will recommend this site to anyone who likes Japanese porn.

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