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All Japanese Pass Review

Date of review : 04 August 2011
Asian Sex Review on Anal Nippon

Niche : Asian Porn Mega Site

Content Type : Videos and Photos

Video Format : MP4, MPEG, AVI, Stream

Video Length : Small Clips to Full DVD

Member Prices : Trial $1 / 1 Month $19.90 / 3 Months $59.95 / 1 Year $89.95

Payment Methods : Credit Card / Check / Phone

Overall Rating : 9 out of 10

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All Japanese Pass is one of the largest Asian porn premium sites available on the internet, they offer all kind of Asian sex movies and photos in their huge database containing all the content on their network of sites, from high quality censored and uncensored video clips and DVD titles, as well as picture galleries of famous Japanese AV idols. All Japanese Pass also features more than 22 sites across their network based on different Asian porn niche, and All Japanese Pass acts as the main portal collecting all the content on the network, assigning proper categories for every single movie, and put them into their huge archive database, so members can easily gets all the updated content without visiting every site on the network.

Site Design - Rating 8 out of 10

All Japanese Pass adopts the same template which has been widely used across other sites on their network, although it looks neat and clean but it could be a bit boring. As a main flagship site, they should have make it into a unique design to stand out from the rest of the sites, not a just another site kind of feeling.

User Friendliness - Rating 10 out of 10

When you first landed on member page, you will be presented with a list of thumbnails of the recently added videos as well as DVD titles. At the bottom of the page you get a full listing of all their sites with the total number of videos on each site so you will get a picture of how much content you can expect if you decide to visit on that site. On the right panel, you will find the full listing of categories, the most popular video listing, and the top 5 AV models. You will also find a link which is a similar site but specially designed for mobile phone user. The main navigation bar is located at the top of the page, you get link to videos, pictures, DVDs, and models section, and the search bar is located about it for user who likes to make a quick query to the database content.

On the video section, you get a listing of thumbnails of all their videos available from their archive, and the page navigation bar is located below, and since the archive pages are so huge that it runs into hundreds of pages, the designer of the site makes page surfing easy by implementing a mini horizontal scroll bar which will let user makes instant jump to any page they like. On the right panel you get an advanced search panel with very detailed and impressive search function, first of all you get to choose to display video which are listed on other sites, if you are looking for your preferred category, they have a full listing of categories to choose from, some popular categories contain sub categories for you to make refine query, such as the Tits category containing 4 sub categories which are Big Tits, Huge Tits, Tits Fuck, and Tiny Tits, another example is the Pussy category containing 3 sub categories which are Hairy Pussy, Shave Pussy, and Teen Pussy. I believe they spent a lot of time and effort on categorized their content, and I would says the results are simply amazing and it really helps on the user friendliness of the site. Other than the category listing, you can also pick the name of the model and show the related content. And lastly, you have an option to set the properties of the video for display, such as the length, size, content type, censored or uncensored, and the sort option. All of the search options are stackable which mean it allows you to choose more than one term to make refinement on your search, and every time you made changes you will get a pop up text telling you the number of the result and the link for search confirmation, and this is another creative and helpful tool for user to avoid searches returning zero result.

On the video playback section, you get a video streaming control panel for user who prefer to watch it instantly on the screen, the player allows you to playback in normal and high quality video, as well as allowing full screen playback. There is also a brief description of the video clip, the added date, complete high quality screenshots, and the download links for user who wish to download the file to their hard drive. You can also add this video to your favorite so you can instantly jump back to this video next time.

All Japanese Pass has outstanding user friendliness, and I couldn't find any major flaw while surfing the site, the advanced search function is so powerful and smartly designed that browsing content from a huge archives becomes piece of cake. I have no complaint on this and this site deserves a full score from me.

Content Amount - Rating 10 out of 10

All Japanese Pass features a huge amount of Asian porn content archives with more than ten thousands videos and DVD titles, and close to five thousand of high quality photos. Other than this, new contents are added regularly with fresh release of Asian porn videos from Japan, with a single membership you will get unlimited downloads as well as full access to other sites on their network. As an Asian sex lover, you will definitely satisfy with generosity of All Japanese Pass.

Content Quality - 8 out of 10

The quality of the streaming video is great, with clear picture and sound even playing in full screen, the server has lightning fast connection with minimal delay on buffering. For downloadable files, All Japanese Pass offers three type of format with the lowest quality MP4 which means for playback on small mobile device such as the mobile phone, medium quality MPEG format for high compatibility, and the highest quality video in AVI format which require special codec installation. The photo quality is at exceptional, all the models are shoot by professional photographer and are available in full size.

Although I am satisfy with the quality of content offered, and they deserve a high score from me, but I could have gives them full score at 10 if they offer high definition content as well.

Overall - 9 out of 10

Amazing content amount, exceptional user friendliness, great video quality, this is All Japanese Pass! Asian porn lovers must not miss this site!

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