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Caribbeancom Review

Date of review : 15 August 2011
Asian Sex Review on caribbeancom

Niche : Asian Porn

Content Type : Videos

Video Format : WMV

Video Length : Full Length Movie

Member Prices : 1 Month $49.50 / 2 Months $90 / 3 Months $130

Payment Methods : Credit Card

Overall Rating : 8.75 out of 10

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Caribbeancom is another high quality Asian porn paysite from DTI, supported by Dream Room Production who films exclusive uncensored Japanese sex movies. Originated as a Japanese site, the translated English version of Carribeancom has the similar layout and content. It is one of the most popular premium sites in Japan and around East Asia region.

Site Design - Rating 8.5 out of 10

Caribbeancom inherits its Japanese version of site designs, black color used as background, giving an overall elegant feel on the site. As a premium site offering hardcore Asian porn, the site utilizes a lot of small uncensored images to strengthen the theme. Content aligned to the left with main navigation panel located at the left hand side while video content information located at the right side. The structure and the widgets of the site are nicely designed in such a way that it gives an impression of high usability to the user.

User Friendliness - Rating 6.5 out of 10

During the first visit to Caribbeancom, I get confused with the overuse of small banners and images over the sites, but soon after spending several minutes experiencing the site, I quickly get used to the typical Japanese designed interface of Caribbeancom. In fact the navigation system is pretty straight forward and easy to use, there are four main video categories listed on the top navigation bar, which are AV Stars, Costume, Amateur, Others (Few titles featuring white women).

The secondary categories are classified on the left panel, the Actress Type category let you choose the appearance of the actress such as Big Tits, girls wearing glasses, nice ass etc., the popular category lists out all the terms related to the sex action such as Bukkake, Blowjob, squirting, anal sex, etc. There is a link called more categories which simply gives you a full listing of the categories, although it is very useful when making selection on a pool of more than 60 detailed categories, but it contains minor spelling errors and incomplete translation from Japanese terms.

Impressive full list of Asian porn categories from carribeancom
Impressive full list of Asian porn categories from Carribeancom, despite some minor erros on spelling and translation.

On the right panel, there is a weekly movie ranking listing out top 3 most popular movies, besides this there is also actress ranking for the top 3 most popular AV idols, clicking on the name of the idol will get a full listing of the movies acted by the model.

The latest added movies are listed on the center on the main page, presented with the title of the movie, name of the actress, a few preview images, and the link to the movie. There is a small calendar located at the left panel, clicking on the date will bring you to a page of new added movie of the selected date, a convenient way to check for new content which are older and didn't manage to get into the first page of the site.

On movie listing page, a 3x5 table lists movies in released date order where latest movies listed on top of the table, each movie contain a small image of the AV idol, name of the actress, category, date of release, length, file size, and overall rating of the movie. If you look careful enough you will notice there are 2 types of movie, the original movies, represented with a red square button on the movie listing, are movies filmed by Dream Room Production and makes exclusively on Caribbeancom, on the other hand, the general movies, which marked with a green square button, are movies which are licensed from other site. There is a small page navigation bar on top and below the table, which let you navigate to the different page of the listing, but it lack of function to quick jump to the last page and first page of the archive, it manage to list out maximum 10 pages at a time so to view page older than 10 for instance, you need to go to the 10th page then click on next so it can display the links of next 10 pages, but strangely once you are there, you get a shortcut back to previous 10 pages, it will be nice if they can make next 10 pages shortcut on the first 10 page section.

Well presentation of Asian porn movie listing from caribbeancom
Movie listing are well presented in tabular format for ease of making selection

When entering the video download page, you will be greeted with a large image of the related video, featuring the AV idol acted on it. Movies are divided into smaller clips, and each clip has its own download link and also images of the scene, it is very useful for those who wanted to gets the most exciting part of the movie, such as cum, blowjob, or deep fuck, where no need to spend time and bandwidth downloading the whole movie, but what interesting is, Caribbeancom doesn't provide a single download link for the full movies, so you will need to gets all the clips downloaded, and merge them with video editing tool to become a full movie. Another inconvenience of the site limiting member to have maximum of 6 downloads at a time, however I consider this limitation as minor because member can easily overcome this by using a download manager and set the maximum limit job and put the rest of the link in queue.

promotional image for Sweet Summer Memory 6 featuring Sakura Kotobuki
Big promotional image for their new release title, Sweet Summer Memory Vol. 6 featuring Sakura Kotobuki. Notice the DRP watermark on the top right conner? Only exclusive movie has it!

Download links of caribbeancom
Movies are divided into smaller parts and presented with 3 different quality.

My overall experience from user perspective is good, I find it easy to use and find the content I wanted, despite some minor spelling errors and the limitation on download slots, it will gets a better score if they provide single download link to full movie.

Content Amount - Rating 10 out of 10

Caribbeancom features more than 1000 Asian porn movie titles, with most of them being original, which mean exclusively available only on this site, and I browse through their history of new releases, they tends to release 5 to 6 new titles per week where 1 new title will be put online on a day, they never release more than that number in a day though. With the number of movies in the archive plus frequent release of new titles, Caribbeancom deserves a full score.

Content Quality - Rating 10 out of 10

With the support of Dream Room Production, Caribbeancom shines when comes to provides quality Asian porn content. A lots of exclusive movies shoot with the top models from Japan, from young naughty teens, school girls, nurses, to lustful housewives, these girls are willing to satisfy your lust with their great sex skills performed in their film.

All movies in Caribbeancom comes in three quality levels, the lowest quality with smaller file size encoded with 200kbps bit rate, medium quality with 2048kbps, and the high quality HD movies encoded with whooping 4000kbps which is one of the highest available in Asian porn industry. I have tested out some HD clips and I am truly amazed with its exceptional sharp picture quality and clear sound.

High Definition Asian Porn from Caribbeancom
Sharp image quality of High Definition Asian porn movies from Caribbeancom. Click for full size image.

Overall - Rating 8.75 out of 10

Caribbeancom is another top grade Asian porn premium site from DTI, backed by Dream Room Production, you can expect a lot of high quality exclusive Japanese sex movies on their member area.

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