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Idols69 Review

Date of review : 16 July 2011
Asian Sex Review on Idols69

Niche : Japanese AV Idols

Content Type : Videos and Photos

Video Format : MP4, MPEG, AVI, Stream

Video Length : Small Clips to Full DVD

Member Prices : Trial $1 / 1 Month $19.90 / 3 Months $59.95 / 1 Year $89.95

Payment Methods : Credit Card / Check / Phone

Overall Rating : 8.75 out of 10

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Idols69 is a premium Asian sex paysite featuring hot Japanese AV idol photos and videos. They have a full list of every single Japanese porn actress in their long list of archives, offering the most complete collection of the popular releases of Japanese adult movie titles. Nothing comes close to idols69 on the dedication of AV idols content from high quality photo albums, to hardcore sex clips of the actress, until a full DVD featuring the most popular AV idol. All censored and uncensored clips are available for download or even watch directly on your monitor for their movie streaming function, you as a Japanese AV idol lover will be guaranteed for satisfactory.

Site Design - Rating 8 out of 10

Upon arriving on the first page of Idols69, you will be presented with a cleverly designed web page, with very clean and light color used throughout the site giving you an overall pleasant and tireless feeling consider most members will definitely staying on the site for hours hunting for their favorite AV idols. Personally I think the overall site design perfectly blend on to the theme of the site.

User Friendliness - Rating 10 out of 10

Idol69 has a very user friendly design approach, on the first page you will be presented with the latest updated content so that you won't miss any new releases since you last visit. All the contents offered by idols69 are nicely categorized into smaller section for easy navigation and searching.

The left panel let you easily choose the type of content you are looking for such as photo, movies, most popular content, and DVD archive. If you are looking for a particular AV idol, you can always type in the search box on the top right hand corner of the page, and even if you are not sure of the correct name of the actress, you can always browse their model archive which they sorted alphabetically on the name of AV idols. For those who prefer to look for certain sex niche like blowjob, anal sex, gang bang, etc.

Idol69 have a full list of categories for your convenience. And some of the category even been divided into smaller specific niche, eg category Pussy will lead you to select either Teen Pussy, Shave Pussy, or Hairy Pussy, and on Anal Sex category you will get to choose general Anal Sex or Double Penetration. You can also get to know the most popular AV idols list, and I believe they are based on the number of downloads. All the videos have a description and a picture preview section so that you will get to know the content of the video and decide the worthiness of downloading it.

When you are browsing on the video sections, you will have the option to make sorting based on date released, title name, file size, rating, model name, and number of discussion which makes your searching even more easy. And on the Photo section, you will be presented with smaller thumbs of the album and once click on it will lead you to the full size photo.

When you browsing on the pages, you will be easily know your location on the site with the page title written on top of each page, this nice little information will prevent you from getting lost when you get to the deeper archive looking for your favorite AV idol.

In a nutshell, the designer of idols69 takes great effort and creativity to makes the easiness of navigation to perfection, and I think they deserve my full score!

Content Amount - Rating 10 out of 10

Honestly, the idol69 has content database so huge that I would not know the exact number of content they have (They have no mention on the site), but I will give an estimation of more than 100000 photos of about 450 AV idols, the movie counts exceeded 3300, and DVD archive closing to 800 titles.

IS it worth paying the member fee for the amount of content? Definitely YES! And my estimation is done on July 2011 and new content is added very frequently so it worth every penny you paid for, and on top of this, you get full access to their huge whole network consists of more than 20 sites and still growing!

Content Quality - 7 out of 10

The photo quality is top class, shoot professionally and full size crystal clear images are available for your collection. On movie section, every clip are made available into smaller size mp4 file format which you can download into your mobile devices, mpeg format for medium file size for member with slower internet connection, and the highest quality clips are available in avi format, besides downloadable file, idols69 also features instant streaming video on every clip for those who prefer to watch online without hesitation of downloading. 

Although the quality of the movies is great, but I feel they should add high definition content to satisfy hardcore porn seeker, which I hope idols69 having plan to add them in future. I am hesitate to give a full score to their content rating due to lack of HD content.

Overall - 8.75 out of 10

A top class site with pleasant design, user friendly navigation, and vast amount of content, Idols69 is a premium site that Asian sex lovers, especially those who looks for premium AV idol content should not miss. Paying a single member fee and get full access to whole network of sites makes your money spent worth every cent.

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