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O Creampies Review

Date of review : 20 July 2011
Asian Sex Review on O Creampies

Niche : Asian Creampie a.k.a Internal Cum Shot

Content Type : Videos

Video Format : MP4, MPEG, AVI, Stream

Video Length : Small Clips to Full DVD

Member Prices : Trial $1 / 1 Month $19.90 / 3 Months $59.95 / 1 Year $89.95

Payment Methods : Credit Card / Check / Phone

Overall Rating : 8.25 out of 10

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O Creampies is a premium hardcore Asian sex paysite which is part of All Japanese Pass network, it provides collection of Asian creampie, or internal cumshot video clips and DVDs from their huge Asian sex movie database. A single payment to their membership allows full access to more than 20 sites on their network.

Site Design - Rating 9 out of 10

O Creampies adopts a simple design methodology, on their first page of member area, you will be presented with their creampie movie archives as well as DVD titles. With dark red color used as their main color design, it comply well to the creampie theme of the site, and there emboss some Chinese characters on their background, it is simply used as site decoration and makes no meaning.

The use of a pussy with cum dripping out from it as a picture for the site logo is a very smart way as it helps to emphasize the theme of the site when a new user first visits on the main page.

User Friendliness - Rating 6 out of 10

The site structure and navigation is pretty straight forward, you get to choose to view video clip or DVD title archives, and you can makes sorting on the listing such as date added, model name, movie title, rating, and size. Besides that you can also specify how many preview movies to be listed on a page.

The page navigation is simple and easy to use, you get to select which page to jump to, but it lacks the function to allow you to make instant jump to first and last page.

On the movie download page, you get a mini player for those who prefer to watch it immediately by streaming the video, and you will to choose either normal or high quality playback, as well as three download options from low to high quality video file. All video comes with a brief description, file size, added date, duration, and series of preview pictures, categories and tags are available as well for those who want to seek for movies with the same type, however the category and tag pages didn't have the information to tell your location of the current page, so it might give some confusion for user.

The site also has a search function for user to make a quick listing of the videos matching the term entered into the box.

In a nutshell, Anal Nippon scores average on user friendly perspective, it could have done better if the site designer gives more effort to improve on this.

Content Amount - Rating 10 out of 10

As of the date of this review is carried out, there is 448 Asian creampie videos and 142 related DVD titles in their archive and the number growing up each day. Besides this, since O Creampies is part of the huge All Japanese Pass network, you get to enjoy full access to more than 10000 of Asian sex DVD titles and video clips by just paying single member price. And because of this, O Creampies have my full score on the content amount.

Content Quality - 8 out of 10

O Creampies offers video streaming with the high quality equals to DVD quality, and on video download section, they are 3 types of quality available, the lowest mp4 for mobile device such as your mobile phone, to highest quality AVI format which is DVD quality and requires a XVID codec plugin for playback.

No High Definition video is offered from O Creampies, and I hope they can add to their archive in future as this format has increases in demand in the recent years due to higher capacity storage and cheaper and faster broadband available in the market.

Overall - 8.75 out of 10

O Creampies stand out as a unique site offering Asian creampie content to their members, it manage to scores high on its clean and simple site design, and with impressive amount of content available in their archive database.

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